Cockatoos moved to new enclosure

12 February 2018 – It took a year to before we could move house Francesca out of her quarantine enclosure, but she seems incredibly happy now she is finally outside, and in a place where she gets much more attention.

Francesca Wanicare Cikananga Moluccan cockatoo Cacatua moluccensis 1

Francesca is highly-socialized and sadly cannot be released. But she has a lovely new aviary near the food house where she can observe the staff, interns and volunteers throughout the day. In the first week Francesca was very chatty but taking her time to explore her new place with her sulphur-crested cockatoo neighbours.

As you might know Marieke Tjebbes organized a fundraiser to build this enclosure for highly-socialized birds close to our foodhouse. We are so happy that these birds are now in a spacious place and are doing so much better! Thanks Marieke and everyone who contributed to this enclosure.

If you would like to help more birds like Francesca, please let us know. Many highly-socialized birds deserve a place where they get the space and attention that they deserve.