Medical check rescued Macaques

9 Juli 2017 – Yesterday Macaques Fitri and Hanneke got their first medical check. After their rescue last week we  took a closer look to the two yesterday. The vet always sedates the animals for a full body check, weighing, taking blood, giving deworming and much more as you see in the video.

Luckily they are doing reasonably fine, considering their history on a chain. All test have turned out to be negative (that’s good) but some treatment will follow later like for the dental problems of Hanneke.

If you are a vet (student) it’s good to know that from time to time we can use help us through our intern program. Please let us know if you are interested in helping us for a period of time and like to gain experience with working with wildlife. Click on the picture for the full video on Facebook.

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