Ongoing drought forces Silvery gibbons into villages!

Lengkong The Javan gibbon groups in Lengkong Regency that are facing local extinction caused by isolation, disturbance, habitat loss and degradation are struggling to find food in this long dry season. Al year round these gibbons are already forced to complete their diet foraging outside the safety of their forests, but two family groups have been going into local villages more frequently in the last weeks. The gibbons’ search for food bring them every day a bit closer to people and the risks that come along. Food items reported being taken by the local gibbons are papaya, soursop, bananas and passion fruits.

On Saturday 31 October the report came in of a gibbon sitting on a chickenpen next to a house. Initially the people were scared, but after being informed that this gibbon was just really hungry, villagers put a mango near the gibbon which was taken shortly after.

Because the reports are getting more concerning by the day Wanicare Foundation will now officially start with providing extra food for these two family groups to lower the risks of conflicts and poaching.

Help these gibbons survive the drought by funding some much needed food! With a donation of only €1,50 you give us the opportunity to give one gibbon food for another day.