Release of Javan slowlorises Billy K & Lia

IMG_20150807_201623On the 3rd of September Lia and Bill k where translocated to a release side of Little Fireface Project (LFP). Here they were immediately released in the pre-release cage. The first night it didn’t go really well, Billy K was weak when she arrived but surprisingly started gouging on the branches of the tree’s immediately (to find gum to eat). However she also spent a lot of time sitting on the ground which we never see wild lorries do and could make her very vulnerable to predation and capture. Lia was much less active and we didn’t see her eating which was worrying! It was probably a response to the stress of the translocation. Because the next evening they were both doing much better; both were active, eating well and gouging to find gum.
On the 6th of September they were released from the pre-release cage in to the wild. Amazing that these 2 girls could return back to their natural habitat. They are monitored every evening now for the next weeks by the LFP team to make sure they really do well now that they are back in the wild.