Rescue: Critically Endangered Pangolin arrives in Cikananga

17 November 2017 – In the last weeks we received another worrying wildlife trade case: A Sunda Pangolin, we called her Penny and she is Critically Endangered. Sadly we are legally bound to await the court case against the trader before we can release her back to the wild, and it’s unclear how long this will take. We are very happy with the help we received to make sure we can take care for her in the meantime.

Different sources state that Pangolins account for up to 20% of all the wildlife trade, so Pagolin species are heavily under threat. Their scales are believed to contain medical powers, which is of course utter nonsense. To address this situation Pangolins species are all listed on the IUCN Red List, ranging from Vulnerable to Critically Endangered.

Al help is welcome to care for Penny, she is such an magnificent and peaceful animal…. Please contact us to help her and the many other animals in Cikananga that are under threat.

Pangolin rescue Wanicare CikanangaPangolin rescue Wanicare Cikananga

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