Sun Bears Ben-Ben and Kai introduced

Last week young Sun bears to each other and they have so much fun together

kai ben ben

Both bears were confiscated from a trader together with a lot of other animals. Ben-Ben in February 2015 and Kai in November 2015. Before the introduction we housed Kai in the smaller part of Ben-Ben’s cages, in this way they could get used to each other without physical contact. And from the beginning the contact was very positive, so after a few days it was the big moment of opening the sliding door between their cages, for them and for us an exiting moment! Especially Ben-Ben was very happy to have a new friend, the only thing he wanted was playing, playing and playing. Kai was a bit stressed in the beginning and didn’t really know how to react on Ben-Ben’s ”weird” playing movements, but after a while she understood that Ben-en just wanted to play and since that time they have so much fun together. It’s so great to see that these young bears who were taken away much to young from their mother, have each other now.