The Cikananga Sustainability Project Starts

26 June 2020 – Last week we started a new Cikananga sustainability project: Help us to kick start it! Our sustainability project will focus on: Food production, land management and water access. These three areas of focus form a multi phase project, involving an on site composting facility, food production, tree nursery – including fruit trees and a well water improvement program. In this last two months we started to improve our on site sustainability project and improve our compost building again! Currently, financial support is essential for us to kick start this sustainability project, especially the food production project, which will provide food for our 500 animals in our care and helps Cikananga to be more independent while minimizing our footprint. This on-site food production has the potential to be both financially and socially benefit for us, as well as the community around us. Check it out here on Gogetfunding for Cikananga Sustainability Project.

Any questions of support are welcome. Please contact us through