UN World Wildlife Day: Big Cats under threat

3 March 2018 – Today is UN World Wildlife Day and the theme of 2018 is “Big cats: predators under threat”. Wanicare is very pleased to see more attention for Big Cats as their populations are declining at alarming rate due to loss of habitat, conflicts with people, poaching and illegal trade.

Over the years we have rescued Javan Leopard and Clouded Leopards to the Cikananga Wildlife Center and we are actively working on solutions to change their uncertain future. For the Javan Leopard time is running out and we are working on valuable steps to research habitats on Java and release these Critically Endangered animals that are on the IUCN’s Red list. More information on our projects can be found the the Save the Javan Leopard Page.

Javan Leopard UN Wildlife 2018 Cikananga Leopard Java Leopards

Clouded Leopard UN Wildlife 2018 Cikananga Leopard Java Leopards

All help is welcome to make a difference, if you want to know more and get in contact? Please let us know.

Wanicare: Save The Javan Leopard.