Update Silvery Gibbons Project: Thanks for the support

Update from the field: Silvery Gibbon Project Lenkong 

The Silvery gibbons that were forced to forage outside the safety of their forest in Lengkong, reported on the 1st of November, are receiving extra food in their forest for three weeks now. Last week the gibbons did not visit the village on daily basis, which is an important step in the good direction. The family group are now reported most often near the tree in which the food is given and they eat all food provided. Many thanks for the donations, your support so far makes it possible to provide extra food for another four weeks. But we are also very thankful for the local support, without the help of the local villagers the future of these gibbons would have been totally different.

However there is also concerning news, as you can see on one of the photos a gibbon appears to be pregnant, which would have been great news, but not in these circumstances. Not only does this mean that more food is needed in the future, but also suggests that inbreeding already occurs as this is the older juvenile and she does not have any contact with other gibbons except of her parents and siblings. We will closely monitor how this new development will influence the group dynamics.

silvery gibbon 1silvery gibbon 2