Cikananga Sustainability Program

Beginning in 2020, the Cikananga Wildlife Centre started a sustainability program focused on food production. The farm is a diversified organic operation, growing an assortment of vegetables and fruits, with all produce provided to the animals of Cikananga. Additionally, we recycle all our organic waste, producing compost, which we use to improve our soils. Moreover, in 2021 Cikananga started an agroforestry program by planting roughly 1,000 coffee shrubs. Once established, Cikanaga’s agroforestry program will be used as a model, to help local farmers transition to regenerative agriculture practices and conduct habitat restoration. In 2023 the farm expanded with another 1.29 hectares which should provide Cikanaga with enough food to meet the Sustainability Programs goal of 5 tonnes a year, with additional produce to sell to local markets.

Wanicare supports this program to further develop Cikananga to help the rescued animals in Indonesia in a sustainable way.

Volunteering & Interns for the Sustainability Program
Currently, we are looking for volunteers interested in learning about tropical organic food production and soil restoration.  The Farm volunteer will work as a member of our small farm team, taking direction and working alongside our Sustainability Program Manager and Assistant Farm Manager in all aspects of production, from seed to harvest, with the addition of farm improvement projects, including but not limited to water pump installation and the building of farm structures.

For more information about the current possibilities, take a look at the assignments page or contact us.

The 2023 Cikananga Organic Farm Team

Want to support?
Currently, we are very thankful for the support of Enduring Harvest, who help us to develop this organic initiative. Still, additional support is welcome to expand the operations, educate about organic farming and feed the animals of Cikananga. Do you want to help, contribute to the organic farm initiative at Cikananga, or do you want to learn more about regenerative agriculture, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.