Education & Awareness Program

The education and awareness program informs students, children and other locals about the importance of the protection and conservation of wildlife and nature.

At Cikananga Wildlife Center we receive local Elementary schools, High Schools and Universities for basic conservation education. Through playful learning methods we teach children and students the importance of animal and nature conservation and animal welfare. Also organized students trips from schools outside Indonesia visit us, like Aeres / Groenhorst from the Netherlands who visit Cikananga annually.


Young students from different local schools visit Cikananga to learn about conservation

Besides the education program in Cikananga Wildlife Center, all release programs include intensive awareness programs as well for the local community and local governments at the release side and surrounding villages. This in order to guarantee the success of the release programs.


Local elementary school as well international schools visit Cikananga frequently

Also in the Netherlands the Wanicare Foundation is active with educating people and raising awareness. We give presentation about our work at schools, companies and other organisations. If you are interested, please leave us a message so we can contact you to discuss the possibilities.

Aeres School from the Netherlands visiting us on their annual trip to Cikananga

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