Annual reports Jaarverslagen

We find it very important to give full transparency on our financial income and spending that is made possible by the generous sponsors of the Wanicare Foundation. As such, in addition to the required publications of the annual reports below we are always available to share more on our work and organization through

Report 2020:
Jaarrapport 2020 Stichting Wanicare (Annual Report 2020)

Report 2019:
Jaarrapport 2019 Stichting Wanicare (Annual Report 2019)

Report 2018:
Jaarrapport 2018 Stichting Wanicare (Annual Report 2018)

Report 2017:
Jaarrapport 2017 Stichting Wanicare (Annual Report 2017)

Report 2016:
Jaarrapport 2016 Stichting Wanicare (Annual Report 2016)

Report 2015:
Jaarrapport 2015 Stichting Wanicare (Annual Report 2015)

Report 2014:
Jaarrapport 2014 Stichting Wanicare (Annual Report 2014)

Report 2013:
Jaarrapport 2013 Stichting Wanicare (Annual Report 2013)

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Wanicare ANBI status goed doel Wanicare II

The Dutch Governement designated Wanicare as a “Public Benefit Organisation” institution.

At least 90% of the efforts of an ANBI have to be focused on the general good and donations in the Netherlands are therefor tax deductible.