Our projects

Next to the activities in the Cikananga Wildlife Center, Wanicare runs different projects to return wildlife to their natural habitat, protect habitats and educate people.

  • Raptor Release Program : Many Raptors are victim of the illegal trade. Confiscated Raptors are rehabilitated in Cikananga and have been successfully released in secured areas in the past years
  • Gibbon Program Lengkong : Since 2012 we are actively protecting the endangered Silvery Gibbon in the isolated Lengkong Area
  • Javan Leopard Program : Considering there are possibly less than 100 mature Javan Leopards living in the wild and numbers are rapidly declining, we created a program for protection and release of captive Javan Leopards. In 2017 we finaly started with the help of Four Paws International and is currently supported by the Lion Foundation.
  • Hornbill Release Program : In 2017 we started with the first step of the release program for different Hornbill species that are becoming more and more endangered as illegal trade increases. Beter housing, new research for habitats and much more part of the project.
  • Otter Progam :  We are assisting to study the ecology of otters in their natural habitat, and  continue rehabilitation at Cikananga with the goal to successfully release them in protected reserves.
  • Education and Awareness Program : We visit many schools and schools visit us in Cikananga, local and international: It starts with education! Also, we run a awareness program in every area we plan releases

In 2017 and 2018 a substantial number of rescued animals will be released in the Cikepuh Nature Reserve as part of a revitalization program of this nature reserve in cooperation with local governments and different other Indonesian organisations. Updates will be shared in the news section on this website.

If you consider to help us or want to collaborate, please don’t hesitate and contact info@wanicare.com or donate.

Javan Leopard wanicare II